Candice Onodi graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan in 2010. She pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Graphic Design, and, because she's a bit of a nerd, had also exercised her brain with a concentration in Art History.

Over the last few years, Candice has had the privilege to work with some head honchos in the design industry, as well as heaps of extremely talented creatives. She has also spent a bit of time dabbling in the blog world, where she has been a regular contributor for Flights of Fancy and Ruffled.

This designer is constantly on the hunt to gain more knowledge and is always open to new and exciting opportunities. She's learned a great deal from awesome people and looks forward to meeting even more!

Candice now resides in Silicon Valley with her husband and amazing little Yorkie, but Michigan will always be home.

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Candice's Etsy shop featuring patterned goods.